day 30: my personality

oh how i hate describing myself. about me pages?  hate ’em. i don’t even know me and i’m supposed to write something about me.  i tell peeps to stick around and they can decide on their own.  i’m different things to different people but what most of them have agreed upon about me are the words written above.

made using wordle and then i photographed my computer screen although i could have cut and pasted the image into this post.  then that wouldn’t be  photography – not that this is – but i used a camera. so um, there.


4 thoughts on “day 30: my personality

  1. Great photo, Val!

    I love your description of you. And what a clever way to do it!

    I’ve been dying to try wordle, but never have. It looks like fun!

    Looking over the words you’ve used to describe yourself, I see many that are myself too. Especially weird, nuts, and crazy!

    And yes, my friend, you are TALENTED!

    Can’t wait to finally meet ya!


    • v says:

      with all due fairness, i was on medication when i did this and can’t be held responsible for the descriptions. crazy would be accurate though.

      see you tomorrow. literally!

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