day 31: something beautiful

can i have a pass tonight, please.  i’ll make it up to ya.  i am exhausted and about to drop, but i do need to upload something for today’s photo as it is the last day of this project.

i knew this one would be difficult.  what is something beautiful? beautiful is a plate of cookies.  it’s also in the eye of the beholder and since there are no beholders here with eyes at the moment,  i bring to you a throwback from 19 (covers hand over mouth and mumbles).  a photo (film) of when i went to venice. it was beautiful there, so the picture qualifies as something beautiful.

and yeeeeeees the moooon waaaaas photoshopped innnn.  they’re both still photos taken by me.

i’ll be doing another project soon, but it will be about technique and not subject matter. stay tuned and good night.

in living color:

4 thoughts on “day 31: something beautiful

  1. Bellissima, Val!

    This shot is AWESOME! Both in black and white AND color! I sincerely like them both equally because even though they’re the same photo, seeing them different color gives them a completely different look and feel.

    LOVE the photoshopped moon! Very clever addition.

    Well, when we meet tomorrow, you MUST tell me all about Venice because I’m dying to go to Italy!

    Congrats on finishing this month long project. I truly enjoyed it, girl!


    See ya later….X

    • v says:

      it looks so fake to me ron, maybe the outline around the moon looks crazy, but that’s how it came out. i would love to go back to italy, with digital instead of the film camera i had, and take pictures. lots of history there and the buildings and scenery were beautiful.

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