broke bench

the weather for the next few days will be great and i couldn’t help but want to be outside today. i stopped at rita’s, a well-known italian ice franchise, the only thing is it’s not in a great area.  however, not far from rita’s is a park and i decided to soak up some of the sun’s rays while i ate my mango-flavored italian ice on one of the benches.

of course, i had my camera with me and as i looked around the park i realized what a dump it was and there was nothing to photograph.  usually when there is nothing going on at a location, i try to make something out of nothing by using my in-camera art filters or playing around with an image in the digital darkroom.

the filter used in the above photo is called ‘miniature’ and it blurs the top and bottom portion of a photograph, leaving the middle in focus, to give it a miniature scale look. something fun to try if your camera is equipped with this feature.  i don’t even want to know what happened to that bench, but it was begging to be photographed.

more photos can be found on my main blog.


4 thoughts on “broke bench

  1. Okay, Val, first I have to say……….I LOVE THIS NEW TEMPLATE!!!!!!

    *two thumbs up*

    OMG….it’s faaaaaaaaaaabulous, girl! It’s so bright and cheerful! Love it, love it, love it!

    And I also love the picture! And thanks for sharing about the lens because I have always wondered HOW you got effect with some of your photos. It’s awesome!

    And OMG…don’t you just adore Rita’s Water Ice? I have one a couple blocks from where I live. I mainly eat the traditional lemon, but have tried the mango and really liked it!

    Yup, the weather has been flawless here, hasn’t it? I have off tomorrow, so I’m hoping to get some outside time in the park 🙂

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  2. v says:

    what’s up, ron. oh yeah, the new template is all bright and cheery like my personality. (hahaha) i LOVE everything black but yeah it can be boring and dull, but always a classic, for photos anyway. i went with something a little brighter since it’s summer, is it summer yet? scratches head and looks around.

    this was actually more of an in-camera feature rather than a lens ability. i took this with a point and shoot camera (canon g12), one without interchangeable lenses. some days i don’t feel like swapping lenses and like to keep it simple. 😉

    that park was a mess and normally i would turn my nose up at the thought of going there, but it was so beautiful out, i didn’t care and was nearby. didn’t get shot either.

    i signed up for rita’s mailing list and they sent me a coupon for a buy one get one free, you know “i’m down with OPFree, yeah you know me.”

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