zoo pals

a few weekends ago i visited a local zoo and for the first time in a long time i felt bad for the animals behind the cages.  it was that bad. normally i am not bothered much by caged animals if they are being well taken care of and are not more depressed than the humans who visit.  the animals were not interested and some didn’t even bother with keeping up appearances.

seriously, the zoo was a mess and the animals were lifeless.  several times people wondered if the animals were real or stuffed.  it’s really bad when one can hold out food to an animal at the zoo and it will hold up a sign back saying: no thanks or in the case of the bird up top giving peeps the i’m gonna git you sucka look.

more photos on the flickr stream.


4 thoughts on “zoo pals

  1. Okay, first I have to say…..this shot is AMAZING, Val!

    The color and clarity you capture are truly brilliant. WOW! I also checked out your other photos on flickr, and the one of the owl is incredible!

    I have such mixed feels about zoos. Like you, I’m not bothered by animals in cages if they’re well taken care of because I find it interesting to be able to see rare animals in person, that I wouldn’t normally be able to see if it weren’t for a zoo. However, if they appear unhappy or not taken of, yes, that would bother me too.


  2. v says:

    hey ron, i think the bird’s look on its “face” is too funny. he really does look like he’s about to charge. i could only get decent bird pictures because the rest of the animals were either sleep, not coming out, missing or hard to photograph. i don’t think i’m going back to that zoo. next zoo trip is the philly zoo, not far from you either, right? hint, hint.

    • v says:

      thanks Meleah. i’m 99% sure i didn’t edit this photo, other than adding my name, so the colors are as is. had to put my camera lens through some wire to get this shot and the darn thing was pacing back and forth like it was preparing for a cock fight. though it’s not a cock.

      darn zoo!

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