i always wanted a photo like this of my cat, i thought it would look cool. it doesn’t and ended up being work.  i’m posting it because it’s been sitting in my photo library for months doing nothing, thought i’d share.

i had to coax her into yawning by telling her what a good kitty she was and how beautiful she looked sprawled out on the floor.  she didn’t buy it, so i talked about my life and yeah, this is what i got.  a big. fat. yawn.

i also yawned to help her along by example and wondered if yawing is contagious between human and animal the way it is between humans.

did this photo make you yawn? no?  how ’bout now!


4 thoughts on “contagious

  1. Val, this shot is so faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabulous!

    What a pretty kitty she is!

    HA! And yes, I DID yawn when I looked at the photo – Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn!

    Have a super Tuesday, girl!


    • v says:

      greetings ron. i suppose she fits right in to the fam – borderline cuteness with a hint of we’ll keep her. tho’ another one might be on the way, a kitten. but first i have to have my head examined, then the verdict. i yawned just reading this. enjoy the rest of the week!

  2. this is a great shot!!
    she’s got a beautiful mouth
    no kidding, my guys are toothless and gum diseased so I know a healthy mouth when I see one
    she looks a bit like my Isadora

    • v says:

      thanks dianne and welcome to my blog! if she has a beautiful mouth, my money must be in there and she’s eating better than we are. my teeth don’t look that good, i have been thinking of switching over to eating cat food. o_O. she doesn’t get her teeth brushed at all, she’s not having that. we can lift the flab of the skin around her mouth but brushing her teeth is out of the question.

      i saw your pretty kitty in the hamper, how cute.

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