the window barn

this photo was taken some time last year while visiting fosterfields living historical farm in morristown, new jersey. i was attracted to this barn, particularly the window, because it was off to the side by its lonesome away from the other windows. it spoke to me, i nodded and then i shot it.

8 thoughts on “the window barn

  1. “it spoke to me, i nodded and then i shot it.”

    Val, it would have spoken to me too! AWESOME capture. The color and texture are brilliant! I can actually FEEL the texture of that barn through your photo.

    Well, done, girl. Well done!


    P.S. have I told you lately what a faaaaaabulous photographer you are. Well…you are!

    • v says:

      you know that “and i shot it” line never gets old with me. makes me laugh inside every time.

      i had to do some straightening of this photo, especially with those darn lines. i don’t know what happened when i took it, maybe not a enough planning but a quick draw so my lines were crooked, but as you can see stuff like that is easily fixable (is that a word) in lightroom. it’s amazing what those darn programs can do. sometimes post-processing is necessary. i need to learn how to do it better.

      thanks, ron. this is one photo i can stare at for hours and not even sure why. needs sharpening, but the lines are straight. ha!

    • v says:

      hi betty, thanks for stopping by. yes i am following your blog and several other photography blogs, we have to stick together and it will be nice to see the world through another photographer’s eyes.

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