no bull

also taken at the farm, saw this big guy resting on the grass and eating. had to squat and shoot through a wooden fence to get this photo. almost sure i used a telephoto lens, he was close but not that close.


4 thoughts on “no bull

  1. Val girl, truly, this photo is freakin’ BRILLIANT!

    WOW! It looks as though you were right on top of him with your camera!

    I love that you can actually see the FLIES. The expression on his face is PRICELESS!

    I also like the little daisies to the left.

    Well done!


  2. v says:

    greetings ron. i wasn’t quite sure if i should upload it, but i’m trying to be more consistent in my uploads and it was sitting in the “to upload” folder, so i went with it. it’s interesting i suppose. thanks for stopping by.

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