returned visits

again, another photo of the lake near my job where i eat my lunch!  i keep going back to this lake because i’m practicing a photo technique that i just can’t nail and i’m frustrated.

unfortunately, what i am trying to accomplish is not seen in this photo. i’ve come to the conclusion that i have the wrong neutral density filter and i can sit out there all day and will NEVER get the photo i want unless i buy the proper equipment.

i don’t know too much about ND filters, i shoot RAW (double pun intended; oh that’s gold) except they are expensive and i’m on the fence about making the purchase.

ND filters allow for long exposures, at least the one i want, and reduce the light that passes through the lens. so instead of seeing still water, with a little hocus pocus (mathematical calculations) and a ND filter, the water and sky would look like…well you have to see for yourself.  long exposure samples.

at least now i can move on.


5 thoughts on “returned visits

  1. ” i shoot RAW (double pun intended; oh that’s gold)”

    Bwhahahahahahaha! That cracked me up, Val!!!

    I’m glad you linked to the long exposure samples, because I didn’t understand what you meant by “seeing still water.”

    I’m learning SO MUCH about photography from you; stuff I would have never known.

    Well, I gotta say….I love your shot, as is. It’s got so many wonderful varied textures within it – the rocks, the water, the trees, and the sky. And the black and white really brings them out.

    Well done, girl!


    • v says:

      ron, i think i spend way too much time entertaining myself. there were so many personal jokes in that line that i just had a take a moment and acknowledge it to myself. HA!

      so yes, i love looooooong exposures very much and maybe one day i’ll get to do a long exposure of my own.

      photography is fun, i wish i had more time to engage. thanks for stopping by!

    • v says:

      I don’t know too much myself but I will commit to reading more about them until I get it right.

      Muah to you!

      Thanks Mel.

      V Sent from my iPod

  2. the sample photos are amazing but then again so is your shot
    my camera is a lot like what a Hot Wheels is to a tank so I just do the best I can with my eye
    and play a lot in editing

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