smokey rockinson

yesterday i spent several hours walking around one of my favorite parks and no matter how many times i visit this park i always get lost. i was so proud of myself that i remembered to go north and not south and then realized – when the scenery looked doubtful and my exit never appeared – i was supposed to go south and not north.

eventually i made it.  i walked to the other side of the park and stopped at this location for a rest. i spent a few minutes staring at these rocks before i photographed them.  processed in photoshop and lightroom, i tried to give it a “film” look. additional photos can be found on my flickr photostream.


6 thoughts on “smokey rockinson

  1. “when the scenery looked doubtful and my exit never appeared – i was supposed to go south and not north.”

    HA! Val, that cracked me up because I get lost too. I truly have the worse sense of direction. Sometimes I have to actually think, what is my right and what is my left – HA!

    And about this photo….

    OH. MY. GOD. Faaaaaaaaaaaabulous, girl! And I also checked out your other photos on Flickr – WOW! They all have such a beautiful ‘dreamy effect.’ See, this is what I mean about how much you inspire me in photography. I want to learn how to do stuff like this! Maybe I could I hire you to teach me, hu?

    No kidding, you ROCK, Val!

    Have a marvi Monday!


    • v says:

      hey, hey, hey, mel. i even got turned around in the car with you and you seemed to know how to get around a little better than i did.


  2. this is an absolutely amazing shot!!

    I get mixed up a lot, never lost I tell myself
    the best mix up was when someone told me to take “the tunnel to 17”
    so I took the tunnel to the first route I saw and headed for exit 17
    I was supposed to take the tunnel to route 17
    I was headed for Seattle!!
    when I wanted to meet my friends at the mall

    • v says:

      hey dianne

      i guess i’m mixed up and lost. funny thing is i always recognize the places i’ve been lost in because i’ve been lost there before. i do the same stupid mess every time. i should probably go the opposite of the way i think i should go and i may get it right.

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