horseshoe bay beach


i was in beautiful bermuda last week and horseshoe bay beach is one of the most popular beaches to visit, especially for tourists.  it’s absolutely beautiful and when i first saw it i was beyond excited to start photographing because the beaches in NJ don’t look as gorgeous. i didn’t spend as much time there as i would have liked, but the next time i go back, it’s on.


2 thoughts on “horseshoe bay beach

  1. Bermuda?!? So that’s where you were! OMG…how faaaaaaabulous, Val!

    I’ve always wanted to visit Bermuda because it looks so beautiful. And judging by your photo, it IS!

    Gorgeous capture, girl! It literally took my breath away. That sky is beyond awesome! As I sit here staring at this image, I can actually hear the sound of the ocean.

    Your photography continues to inspire me. Thank you!

    Happy Labor Day weekend!

  2. v says:

    yep and it’s a beautiful place. may go back next year but want to spend several days there so i can take my time and enjoy the area longer.

    the sky there was deep blue, almost over saturated in photos. had to tone down the blue in some of my photos because it looked unreal.

    thanks. hope you enjoy too

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