neutral density

this was taken from my cabin window shortly after a brief rain while cruising on the atlantic ocean.  i was happy for the rain – because the window was dirty – and then the sun to dry it.  i affixed a neutral density filter on the lens and held my camera up to the double glass for this long exposure.


3 thoughts on “neutral density

  1. *thunderous applause*

    HOLY COW…this shot is INCREDIBLE, Val!

    Not only the visual aspect, but it also has such a beautiful mood/feel to it. I love the white misty effect of the ocean waves. I’m assuming that came from the filter?

    I’m such a sky person; especially on a day when it’s kinda gray and cloudy.

    I had no idea you took a cruise to Bermuda. How awesome is that!

    Thanks for sharing, girl! Loved it!


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