deck 12

i didn’t get a lot of night photos because i was in the bed.  i missed all the night parties on the ship and that’s fine with me, the bed always wins anyway.  i, however, stayed awake a little longer the last two nights to get some dusk shots and this was on top of deck 12.  the moon was to the left of the clouds and did a great job providing the right amount of light for this shot. unedited. 😉


3 thoughts on “deck 12

  1. Val, can you hear me GASPING at this photo?

    OMG….I’ve sat here and stared at it for several moments because there is so much to see. The color, the lighting, the shadows, the composition, and that SKY!!!! Holy cow!!!!!!!

    And it totally blows me away that you didn’t edit this photo. You ROCK, girl!

    I know I’ve said this like a million times, but you’re an inspiration!

    Thank you!

    Happy Labor Day!


  2. v says:

    thanks ron, i do love the colors in this photo and wouldn’t know how to duplicate them had they not come out of the camera this way. it was very windy on the deck 12 the last two night, so i’m glad with how this one turned out. had some blurry ones too.

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