the kid

photo of the kid on the beach. she doesn’t like the camera as much as she used to, so i had to steal shots of her during the trip.  consider this one stolen. killjoy.

3 thoughts on “the kid

  1. “consider this one stolen. killjoy.”

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! You are so funny, Val!

    Love this image! And do you know what’s ironic? Just in looking at this photo, I feel as though I’m standing inside it and can feel the tow of the tide moving in and out. You know that feeling I’m talking about, the one where you feel like your moving, even though you’re standing still?

    Great shot, girl!


  2. v says:

    uh yes, that feeling. i like it. O->-<

    i really didn't get a lot of people pictures, very few taken of me either as i prefer being behind the camera. well i guess the photo above is "proof", as the kid would say, that she was there. as if…

    thanks, ron!

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