explorer of the seas, part deux

the rock climbing wall on deck 14. i passed on this activity.

the basketball court.  i would have played basketball, but got tired of waiting for a ball.  played ping-pong instead.  there was also a miniature golf course to the left as well as inline skating.

a view of the ship at night. i forgot my swimsuit, no biggie. i would have used the hot tub had i remembered.

one of the first rooms i visited.  the library!  i did get a book (mary higgins clark), but never finished reading it. hello?

the 19th hole.  the room dedicated to golf enthusiasts.

several rooms/lounges can be seen from this view. too bad i can’t name them all. *shrugs*

the palace. one of the main rooms for shows. i sat in the 2nd row to the left, first chair and wasn’t allowed to take pictures or film the show.  pooh.

the coma beds!

the bathroom.  the toilet, maybe, and shower can be seen in the mirror.  there were instructions on how to flush the toilet: no. 1 close the lid, 2. press the button.  i think i read somewhere on the internet that the toilet should be flushed with the lid closed. i don’t, but had to during this trip because the flush button was behind the lid.  they know how to make us follow directions whether we want to or not.

and so i have enough photos to post for a year but i won’t.  i’ll post a link later to the photos i will be sharing and maybe a few videos as well. au revoir!


2 thoughts on “explorer of the seas, part deux

  1. Okay, I’m dying over these photos, Val!

    HOLY COW…these look as though they came out of a professional magazine for cruises. You ROCK, girl!

    What continues to amaze me is the SIZE of the ship you were on. It’s so BIG!!!! The shot of the staircase really gives you an great idea of how big the ship is. It looks like the size of a shopping mall.

    And the shot of the Palace blew me away. It actually looks bigger than most land movie theaters.

    And it also had a LIBRARY? WOW! And btw, I love anything by Mary Higgins Clark!

    Your room and bathroom were awesome! Like I shared in one of my previous comments, your room was bigger than my apartment!

    And yes, please do share your videos because I would love to see them!

    Really enjoying these post, Val! Thanks for sharing!

    Have a super weekend…..X

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