morning rise

i started working on an awesome (oh wait, it’s just awesome in my mind) lame video with harsh-1970s-disco-that-makes-me-wanna-shake-my-rump music but it’s going to take me a while to finish it, so below is a link to all of the photos (124 actually) i’m sharing from bermuda.

view slideshow of all photos

will add some more videos here later


10 thoughts on “morning rise

  1. BEEEEEEEEAUTIFUL shot, Val! The glow of the sun you captured on the water is stunning!

    I also went over to view your slideshow. FAB-U-LOUS! You have so many photos to choose from. I am so looking forward to your video!!!!

    I still can’t get over how BIG that ship was. A skating rink?????

    Later today, I will stop by your You Tube page and view your video clips.

    As always, thanks for sharing, girl!

    Have a grrrrrreat Monday!

    • v says:

      hey ron, i really couldn’t do the video i wanted, probably because regardless of what goes on in my pea sized brain, there is no video camera following me. i was going to be in it and everything. i will have to settle for whatever video i come up with, but it will take a minute and i may never announce it, but just add it to my you tube account. oh well anywho, yeah that was an ice skating rink. someone else thought i added that photo by mistake, but all of those rooms and more that i never made it to was on this ship. it’s over 100,000 tons. it amazes me to think about it, so i don’t and just lay down in the coma bed. ha! next year, we all should go.

    • v says:

      next year dah’ling and this is an informal invite, but yes, we need to go on a cruise together next year. we’ll talk over tea, biscuits and cookies, of course.

    • v says:

      hey boom boom! well this is image is from weeks ago and not apart of the 30 day project, so not really missed, but thanks for checking it out.


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