initially i was going to go with a vehicle of some sort but opted for the fast meaning: to abstain from food or liquid.  i am not one for fasting which i had to do last week for 12 hours, counting liquids, 18 hours for solid foods and i almost died.  i know it wasn’t a real fast, but i had to abstain from food so it was more like a slow kill. i still had to make breakfast the next morning and was so hungry that i chewed a piece of bacon, but i didn’t swallow. [finger wag.]

some time ago, though not really related, i found an article on hunger strikes and why people believed them to be an effective means for having their way.  one article mentioned that many centuries ago – and i’m going to butcher this – being hospitable was a reflection on one’s reputation. when someone threatened not to eat, for whatever reason, the possibility of them dying in the householder’s doorway was an act of dishonor, it was shameful, so they were often given what they wanted.  i don’t know how true that is, and i can’t find the article, but i like the explanation. when translated: hey you wanna die, that’s fine, but not on my watch.

picture details:
f-stop: 4.6
shutter: 1/1.6 sec
iso: 200
wb: 3100k


37 thoughts on “fast

  1. Hah, I thought about interpreting the theme this way, but decided that someone’s bound to do a better job of taking a photo of it, and I was right. 😉 Such a lovely photo for such a nasty thing as fasting. Great job, V.

  2. Valerie, this is BRILLIANT for the theme! And isn’t fasting the WORST? Ugh!

    PS: Did you have to have tests done? And that’s why you had to fast? And if so, what tests? And are you okay? And now I’m all nervous for you!

    • v says:

      thanks meleah and yes, fasting sucks donkey!

      oh dear, i’ll have to hit you behind the scenes. i won’t know if i’m okay until next week, so like i tweeted: i have to say alive long enough to find out what’s going to kill me.

  3. I seriously thought about standing three carrots on a white plate to portray fast, but was too lazy to get out the knife and do the deed. You, however, have done an admirable job. Also, and perhaps not coincidentally, you’ve made me very, very hungry. Thanks for that, because I’m trying to lose a little weight…..

    • v says:

      thanks toomanymornings. you have carrots in the house? i am impressed, i should eat more of them. i need to lose a little weight around my middle. it’s like a darn tire convention.

    • v says:

      wow, several times a year. impressive. i get sick if i don’t eat, i may not eat a lot, but my stomach does not like to churn alone.

  4. katherinez says:

    What a FANTASTIC take on “fast.” I heard about someone I know not having liquid during the fast and thought I heard wrong…. Wow!

    • v says:

      thanks, katherine. i couldn’t eat after midnight. my last meal was at 6:30pm and then i had a protein drink at 10pm and then nothing to eat or drink until 2pm in the afternoon the next day. hey i think i fasted longer than 18 hours. O->-< so very wrong.

  5. Sweet angle on this one (both the prompt and the photo). I think my mother’s ‘good’ china had this exact pattern until the whole set mysteriously disappeared. Won’t you please give it back? She misses it.

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