above my head

today’s subject was probably the hardest one for me to execute. i had a few ideas, but wasn’t feeling any of them. perhaps this is my 11th hour photo.  i fastened my camera to my monopod and tripped self-timer before hoisting it in the air for this shot.

picture details:
f-stop: 6.3
shutter: 1/13 sec
iso: 8000
filter: (in camera) monochrome
wb: 3200k

41 thoughts on “above my head

    • v says:

      oh it was difficult, especially not having auto focus to rely on or a remote control. pooh. well i ordered me a remote. 🙂 thanks catlady

    • v says:

      he? um you mean my camera, right. well it is a he and yeah he was above my head. well he was on a stick or monopod or something.

      thanks. 😉

  1. That’s a very nice, albeit slightly suggestive, hat. I actually love the composition, even though you just hoisted the camera up in the air and hoped for the best. Very nice. 🙂

    • v says:

      greetings my dear ron, i’ll trade you my good eye for 4 cookies in a minute. i do wish you could have joined in, but i know life is busy for you. next time. i would LOVE to see what you would post. smooches. 😉

  2. Pretty darn good for an 11th hour photo. But then Nicky said that already. I’m freaking impressed by your composition (if I’m using the term correctly) of something you can’t see.

    • v says:

      oh nannygoats,i had to take this shot several times because the composition was off. when i figured out where the camera need to be, it was a little better. i also cursed myself for saying i will only use one lens, but it’s forcing me to find another way to do things, so that’s cool.

  3. I love this photo, and like Margaret, I’m impressed that you got the composition right flying blind. It reminds of something I read about a great photographer who continued making award-winning pictures even when his eyesight started failing by relying on his inner sense of lighting and composition to compose his shots.

    • v says:

      thanks toomanymornings, i had to take several photos before i got it right. it’s fun shooting from the hip at times, a different view creates a whole new world. 😉

    • v says:

      appreciate it lasalk. i was a wee bit scared with my baby on the monopod, in the air, over my body. all it had to do was drop to the ground and well let’s just say i was in the right position for burial.

    • v says:

      er, it took several shots to get it done and i never used my monopod in this way so i’m glad there were no accidents. now that i think about it, what the freak was i drinking? thanks, mo!

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