so there are rules, but there are no rules for this project, and i have a confession. when i read the initial post on ziva’s blog and came across this line: “be advised though, we will mercilessly mock you if your trickery includes sepia tones” i had to smile.

everybody hates sepia and selective-colored photographs, right? still, i said i would give it a go.  i’m so boring i think posting a sepia shot is rebellious, guess i’m bad to the bone. well i know of a few other rebellious things, but the past is the past. this is now or in the past considering what day this post is read.  anyhoo, i forgot what i was going to say so this is my photo of the day. i couldn’t make this one work in color.

perhaps i’m slow. no, i am slow.  i’ve noticed that participants have been adding to the link back to the source of the project, so here i go.  a day late and a dollar short, but be sure to check out the other peeps doing the darn thing. 😉

picture details:
f-stop: 1.8
shutter: 1/25 sec
iso: 200
filter: (in camera) sepia
wb: manual n/a
table top


37 thoughts on “sour

  1. Aaaarghhh! The sepia! It burns my eyes!!! Such a perfect photo, ruined by the demonic colourlessness of the vile sepia monster living in your camera, sucking the life and joy out of your photo. Save yourselves, people, don’t look directly at it!!

    That said, the composition really is quite perfect. 😉

    • v says:

      booyah, and that’s the sepia effect people. burning, itching eyes, followed by hallucinations and thoughts of wanting to go to work. do not try this at home. hahahaha. okay, i shan’t use that filter again, but it was just as good as an invite.

      sepia? who needs it!

      thanks, ziva.

  2. “everybody hates sepia and selective-colored photographs, right?”

    No, not me. I LOVE sepia!

    Awesome sour shot, Val! I can actually feel the ‘sour’ in my own mouth just looking at those candies.

    I love the reflection in this shot!


  3. Now see, I like sepia & black & white shots as well- sometimes I think the “impact” of the shot is heightened when you take the color away- nice job!

  4. Well I don’t have anything against sepia tones, but maybe I haven’t been inundated with them. Also? I love sour green apple and watermelon. You know, in case you were wondering what to stuff my stocking with this year.

    • v says:

      Nannygoats, I suppose I’m open to any post-processing as long as it looks good and not overcooked. I’m not good at post…okay on the sour green apple

    • v says:

      i don’t hate sepia or selective color, monique, i guess they both can get old, used once in a while is okay depending on the subject. i’m sure i’ve done it before and wrong.

  5. “we will mercilessly mock you if your trickery includes sepia tones”

    ok. mock mock mock mock mockery sepia tones mock mock mockery.

    But don’t take it personally, ok? I like your photograph – dare i say it? – *because* of the sepia tones. Nicely done, V.

  6. Coco (Rose) says:

    Sometimes I don’t like sepia but I love this photo! It’s really a beautiful with clear and I feel nostalgic even though I don’t know this product.

  7. junebugmoore says:

    I like sepia. As someone who is partially color blind, I like sepia and black and white and other lack of color tricks. It makes me feel normal since I know for once I’m seeing the same thing as everyone else. The composition really is perfect. You have a great eye.

    • v says:

      Very interesting junebug, never thought about that and wow. Good points to remember, we all don’t see in color the same and at times viewers may appreciate the alternative more. Thanks for sharing.

  8. You know, I speak about this type of thing with friends all the time, when we travel down to England. I’ll sit at a steady 80-85 mph. I’ll get someone go steaming past me. A couple of minutes up the road, they’ve slowed down and I’ll go past them. I just don’t get it, why don’t they pick a speed and stick to it?

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