open E string in vibration mode. does the 6th string look like it’s still vibrating or is it me?

picture details:
f-stop: 6.3
shutter: 1.3 sec
iso: 200
wb: 3300k
wired remote

a day late and a dollar short, but be sure to check out the other peeps doing the darn thing. ;)

30 thoughts on “vibration

    • v says:

      boom boom, i used a longer exposure so that i could take a photo of the string while it was in a vibrating mode, but i mean right now it still looks like the thing is moving. it’s making me crazier.


  1. ” does the 6th string look like it’s still vibrating or is it me?”

    It SURE does, girl! How the heck did you do that?!?!

    Terrific shot, Val!


  2. I wish I knew how to control the shutter speed etc… one of these days I am going to take a photography class and learn the ins and outs of my Nikon! Great shot!

    • v says:

      hey barb, there’s plenty of stuff on the web and the library that will guide you through. have at it. it’s fun and frustrating. i’m learning now with this manual stuff. i do use my histogram and light meter for guidance. thanks!

  3. I actually attempted this, but as soon as I went to take a shot, the vibrating string was too minimal for my camera phone to capture. So I went with the practice room. You got it perfectly.

    • v says:

      danielle, i took lessons for a few months and was getting – i won’t say good – better at it. i could play several songs, but then i stopped and i don’t remember how to. it’s not like riding a bike, at least not for me. :(.

  4. MikeWJ says:

    I considered photographing my old classical guitar, but I never thought about trying to catch a string in motion. Clever, and technically challenging. Nice work. 🙂

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