interesting prompt for today and because i don’t have any hair, i had to beg, borrow, and steal a photo of the kid’s hair.   having spent a good portion of the weekend in the salon with us both having our hair styled, it’s the last thing i want to think about.

however, one of my strike it rich gifts to myself would be to have a live-in hair stylist.  uh, scratch that, she would have to live in the guest house. crazy as it seems, my hair dictates my appearance.  if my hair is a mess, i usually look a mess and feel a mess as if my “strength” is in my hair.

want a punch in the throat? sing this song. i hate it!

a day late and a dollar short, but be sure to check out the other peeps doing the darn thing. ;)

picture details:
f-stop: 1.8
shutter: 1/30 sec
iso: 1600
picture mode: muted
wb: 2900k


31 thoughts on “hair

  1. Well, I managed to go my whole life so far without hearing that song….until now. So, thanks for that. How old is Willow Smith anyway? Ten? Nine? I’m assuming kids love the song?

    • v says:

      oooh sorry about that margaret. isn’t it annoying. i don’t have a clue how old she is and that song is forbidden…up in here.

  2. junebugmoore says:

    Your child’s hair is beautiful.
    I have to agree on that song!! Loathe it! It makes me want to pull my hair out and start whipping random people on the street. Oddly she cut off her hair so I wonder how she performs it now. Wig?

    • v says:

      i LOATHE that song. i wanna whip a belt back and forth. it’s soooo annoying, seriously. maybe she sings a new song, i used to whip my hair back and forth. txs.

  3. I love the locks in this picture!

    “one of my strike it rich gifts to myself would be to have a live-in hair stylist”

    Also, I’m the same way, if my hair looks bad, I feel bad.

    • v says:

      boom boom, neither would i and doubt if anyone could pay me to do it. the kid doesn’t have my hair; it’s thick, naturally curly and difficult to comb. braids are easy once it’s done.

  4. Faaaaaaaaaaabulous shot for this entry, Val!

    I love the shadows cast by the hair on the skin!

    “ if my hair is a mess, i usually look a mess and feel a mess as if my “strength” is in my hair.”

    Having been a license cosmetologist, I totally understand that. It’s like Samson and his hair!

    Happy Monday, girl….X

    • v says:

      hair is not easy to photograph ron but thanks. this afternoon i walked by a wig shop, no a wig store and my mouth hit the cement. i never knew there was a such thing. nothing but hair and wigs inside. i wanted to take a photo of the inside too, but kept it moving.

      yes, some days it’s so bad that i have to go to the salon before going to work. can’t function. can’t dress myself. one of my bosses understands.

  5. I love this photo, and for the photo’s sake. It’s really well composed, perfectly lit, and artistic in its appearance. Not that I’m a judge, but great work, V!

  6. I love this photo for it’s own sake. It’s a really good picture — perfectly lit and composed, and eye-catching. Not that I’m a judge, but great work, V.

    • v says:

      thanks, mike. appreciate the kind words as i’m currently trying to get better at natural lighting and manual exposure…dialing in the correct numbers and all. 😉


    • v says:

      thanks, coco. hair is not an easy photographic subject. well i could have gotten up close for a detailed/interesting shot when it was being braided, but i was too lazy reading my book. 😉


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