well i haven’t killed anyone, so i guess i’m pretty good at keeping the rules.  saw this one morning on my way to work and made a mental note to go back and use it for today’s photo.

a day late and a dollar short, but be sure to check out the other peeps doing the darn thing. ;)

picture details:
f-stop: 8
shutter: 1/200 sec
iso: 200
flash: on; fill in
picture mode: natural
wb: auto (oops)


30 thoughts on “rules

    • v says:

      It’s a good start. As I was taking this photo a man walked by and was reading it as if he’d never saw them before. I was intrigued but didn’t feel like a discussion

  1. “saw this one morning on my way to work and made a mental note to go back and use it for today’s photo.”

    OUTSTANDING photo for rules, Val!

    How clever you are!


  2. Okay, I admit it: I killed a man down in LoDo one night. Beat him to death with my hickory because I spilled my drink when he elbowed me and he wouldn’t apologize for it. He deserved what he got, but the judge disagreed and put me in the hole for a long time. I didn’t like it at the federal pen in Canon City, especially the showers and the food, but there was an upside: I learned how to read and write, earned my high school diploma, and figured out my public defender made some mistakes at my trial. Now I’m free again, and I’ve got a blog where I can say anything I want, even if not a word of it’s true.

    • v says:

      golden reply. love the comment and next time someone does something to you or your drink worthy of a killing, tell them: don’t start nothing, won’t be nothing! i hate killing, the clean up is a mess.

  3. Ow WOW! For a minute, I had thought about finding the ten commandments in the Bible and taking a picture of it… I am SO glad I didn’t because your picture is FLAWLESS and simply gorgeous!

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