nuff said. oh wait, i haven’t said anything, but isn’t a picture worth a thousand words. um yeah. nuff said.

a day late and a dollar short, but be sure to check out the other peeps doing the darn thing. ;)

picture details:
f-stop: 4
shutter: 1/30 sec
iso: 200
picture mode: natural
wb: 5000k


28 thoughts on “stalker

    • v says:

      I stalk websites mostly. I have nothing to say on FB so maybe that makes me a stalker in a sense. I read and like. Facebook does its own stalking I’m sure.

    • v says:

      laughingmom, i had a fb account, got rid of it and then started using my other one for my photography. i could be a stalker, it does help me keep things i like in one area.

    • v says:

      okay mike, your stalking is safe with me. truly, i never understood why people spend so much time paying attention to people who don’t want to be bothered. i don’t need to be told twice to stay away. i guess one would have to be crazy.

  1. Coco (Rose) says:

    Sometimes friends know everything about what you did without telling them. Yes, it’s Facebook if you show everything what you did today. Fun photo!

    • v says:

      coco, i am not a public sharer, much. i might sing like luther behind the scenes or in front of a person, but not a huge fan of show and tell.

  2. junebugmoore says:

    I love fb and I’m not sure it is really stalking if the person is friends with you. I would never put anything on there I didn’t expect everyone in the world to see even if the privacy failed and it opened up to more than my friends. Although I have googled ex-boyfriends and I do see that as a form of stalking. So if I fb search people I’m not friends with and can see their wall I totally feel like a stalker.

    • v says:

      junebug, nah it’s not stalking at all among real friends at all. i have tried to find people on facebook, not to stalk them, but to get back the money they owe me. hahahha.

    • v says:

      boom boom, ha! for some reason i have no desire to look up old high school friends. i doubt anyone is looking for me either and i’m cool with that.

    • v says:

      nicky-and-mike, it’s amazing how fb has become an integral part of our society or maybe how some have made it that way. it seems you need the account to exist on the web though people do live without it. it’s not made easy. good and bad. everything in moderation.

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