i couldn’t figure out what to do with this prompt but wanted it to be creative. i set my camera on a tripod, changed the settings to shoot at 9fps (frames per second), mostly because i couldn’t get the timing right. held some coins in my hands and threw them up in the air until i got a decent photo. i settled on this one after several attempts.

what you’re looking at is my life’s savings.

a day late and a dollar short, but be sure to check out the other peeps doing the darn thing on time. ;)

picture details:
f-stop: 1.8
shutter: 1/320 sec
iso: 6400
picture mode: pin hole
wb: 2650k
wired remote

28 thoughts on “coins

  1. I was waiting for your day late and a dollar short sign off on this one, V! Amazing photo… the coins are perfectly floating above your hand. But, seriously… your day job is being a Magician, isn’t it?

    • v says:

      i’m still a dollar short boom boom. i think we mirror each other, i’m broke too. just call me v broke v. nah i entertain most of the day, no magic, but maybe because people think i’m working.

    • v says:

      i know nonamedufus, change is in the air, i like that…of course i dropped all if it, every time. i held it over the bed so that it didn’t go rolling all over the darn place for me not to pick up. 😉

  2. Okay, this is a seriously BRILLIANT photo, Val!


    Your ability with the camera truly inspires me!!!!! I have to try this!!!

    “what you’re looking at is my life’s savings.”




    • v says:

      awh thanks much ron, give it a go, my friend. you’re doing great with your cammy and i am super jealous of your night time shots. i got nothing.

      yeah, life’s savings is right.

  3. Your reliance on and abilities with that tripod and timer are beginning to make my brain start to get excited about all the possibilities for some real fun with my camera. Damn you, Val! I was perfectly satisfied with my meager camera gear until I started visiting your blog. In April, Ziva’s macro shots with a REAL macro lens had me drooling for one of my own. Still haven’t made the leap since I simply can’t figure out what to get. GAH! I hate making decisions as much as I hate shopping.

    • v says:

      thanks cheryl. those accessories help, at times, to make things easier. other times, the tripod mostly, gets in the way but it allows me to focus on what i’m doing and it keeps the camera still.

      macro lens, eh? are you a canon or nikon woman, i don’t remember. i know they (canikons) have macros in their lens line up and hopefully not too expensive. i’ll go shopping for you, i love to shop, but hate to spend money. how is that possible?

  4. Valerie, that is my FAVORITE photo of the day. For realz. Also, you friggen crack me up.

    ‘what you’re looking at is my life’s savings.”

    If it makes you feel any better, mine looks about the same!

    • v says:

      thanks, meleah.

      and no i don’t feel better that your life’s savings is as paltry as mine, but we can visit each other’s cardboard box come retirement. deal? meet you in the olive garden parking lot (where we first met) in about 15 years.

  5. I wondered if anybody would do this. I might have tried, but I don’t think my camera shoots that many frames per second. Also, I’m usually too drunk to toss coins in the air and then catch them, and I didn’t want to spend the night crawling around the living room. I do that plenty without coins.

    • v says:

      hey, mike. you never know. the features on my camera outweigh my capabilities and talent, never used the fps feature as i mostly shoot one at a time. several cameras come with at least 3 to 5 fps, check it out. 😉

      yeah i skipped the living room and went straight for the bed if i know me.

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