pulled this dinosaur out of the “yard sale” pile. not me, the video camera.  it still works but hasn’t been used in years, so it’s time to pass it along to a good home.

video cameras are fun, creepy and sometimes they even get people in trouble.  i try to behave because i always feel like somebody’s watching me.

v will be back to reply to comments later. she’s feeling ill, so she says.

a day late and a dollar short, but be sure to check out the other peeps doing the darn thing on time. ;)

picture details:
f-stop: 2.0
shutter: 1/40 sec
iso: 1600
picture mode: natural
contrast: +1
12 sec. timer


30 thoughts on “video

    • v says:

      boom boom, well my in the front of the video days are over. i don’t like to being in front of the camera much, i do it and am getting used to it, but geeze. shudders.

  1. We have a newer video camera- but rarely use it… the big heavy clunkier one was easier to use- the new one … I am not techy enough to use it with ease.

  2. I have a Flip video camera which I used once or twice. Recording was easy enough – but editing – forget about it! I have yet to try the video function on my DSLR…

  3. *waving a you through the video camera*

    Hi Val!!

    Awesome photo! I had one of these too at one time and used it constantly. The only thing, mine was one of those HUGE video cameras that actually sat on your shoulder. I think is probably one of the first video cameras ever made.


    • v says:

      hey ron. it was either the video camera or a video game controller. i went with the camera. shrugs. i like video, but only when a photo won’t do. which is rare. maybe i’ll shoot some video with my camera.

  4. Coco (Rose) says:

    I love photography with my tiny digital camera, and video is totally different and fun as well. I’m sure you are good at shooting videos as well. 🙂

  5. We had a video camera that we got when our son was born 20 years ago. Luckily I put all of the footage on DVD before we lost all of the originals. Now we would just pull out our phone or tiny camera to shoot!

    • v says:

      Mike, it’s not easy with the camera I’m using especially when I have another one with a rotating screen. I used a mirror to check my focus until it was ok.

      V Sent from my iPod

  6. Remember the race to buy the biggest and best video camera? Then the rush to buy the smallest, most compact video camera? Glad you dug this one out of the trash. Much easier than making a video, right?

    • v says:

      Yep Malisa. Smaller in this case is better, for me. TVs are one of the few things that continues to grow in size.

      V Sent from my iPod

    • v says:

      Jamie, It’s not a bad video camera but with video in my cameras and phone…well size matters now. Don’t need this one.

      V Sent from my iPod

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