i don’t think kafkaesque was meant to be translated visually.  i did, however, put the word into my google translator (from WTH to english) and it translated as WTF. have a nice day.

a day late and a dollar short, but be sure to check out the other peeps doing the darn thing on time. ;)

picture details:
f-stop: 1.4
shutter: 1/10 sec
iso: 1600
picture mode: muted
contrast: +1


26 thoughts on “kafkaesque

  1. I don’t think the essence of Kafkaesque can be captured in one photo of a person because you’d have to photograph someone at their lowest ebb. To take someone’s soul like that is something I couldn’t do and hate to see when it’s done.

    • v says:

      cheryl, well i sure as heck can’t capture it. i supposed if i did some photoshopping i might be satisfied with something, but i’m free of post processing this month. weeee.

    • v says:

      nonamedufus, it’s crap and not appealing at all. tis okay, i wasn’t feeling it last night and the word is ridiculous, to me. 🙂

    • v says:

      meleah, i understand but i’m not good at photographing it. it’s not a word that belongs in my vocab anyway.i don’t have room for such long words.

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