summer is my favorite season, but i love autumn because of the absence of chlorophyll from the leaves change colors and the temperature is usually great for running outside.

unfortunately, the great weather is over for us jerseyans as we prepare for hurricane sandy. i wonder if i should photograph and schedule my last two photos to upload while there’s still electricity because we’ll probably be without power for a few days if it’s as bad as the forecast predicts, which is fine with me. my “how to survive a hurricane without the internet” kit is already packed. be safe!

a day late and a dollar short, but be sure to check out the other peeps doing the darn thing on time. ;)

picture details:
f-stop: 2.5
shutter: 1/500 sec
iso: 200
picture mode: vivid


31 thoughts on “autumn

  1. I haven’t done Day 30 or the outtakes yet. I plan on finishing them today and prescheduling too. We’re unlikely to have the rain you’ll be getting but the full moon will wreak havoc with flooding along the coast when these 3 fronts converge. We’re likely to lose power. I’m just hoping it’s not as long as it often is.

    Be safe, Val.

    • v says:

      cheryl, probably the smart thing to do. i only have to take two more photos, but maybe i’ll do the 31st too. it’s a same to leave that day void of a post. i’m charging my electronics in preparation for the storm and i need to gather all my camera equipment and put it in one bag just in case we have to get the heck out of here. you be safe too.

    • v says:

      thanks dufus. this is the tree by my job and i’ve been keeping my eye on it as the colors really stand out amongst the other trees. everything will be on the ground tomorrow.

  2. I’m jealous, V! You actually got bright orange leaves this year. After our dry winter, all the leaves around here seemed to go straight to brown. Those that didn’t had huge black spores to mar the colors. I’m glad I did my photos a couple of weeks ago, though, since the rains preceding Frankenstorm hit here yesterday. Luckily, we live so far inland here on Lake Ontario that we’ll probably miss the brunt of the storm. (But I think I’ll get out today to finish off the prompts and get them scheduled, just to be sure.) Stay safe!

    • v says:

      boom boom, i could have mailed you some leaves. the trees are absolutely gorgeous around here, the moon being the only other thing that will make me drive on the sidewalk from looking at it with much appreciation and awe.

  3. WOW!!!!!!! Val, this photo is sooooooooooooooo beautiful!!!!!

    I adore autumn, and this photo totally captures the beauty of it’s stunning color!

    Awesome, girl. Just AWESOME!

    Who knows what’s going to happen with Hurricane Sandy. Having lived in Florida for 20 years and experiencing FOUR major hurricanes, I’m not freaked out other than thinking, “OMG…will I be able to BLOG?!?!?!”

    Take care and be safe, girl.


    • v says:

      thanks ron. it’s one of my favorite trees, the leaves burst with colors and the beauty at times is overwhelming.

      sandy is shutting the city down and not just mine! only thing to do is be prepared and wait. i do want to get some photos of the mayhem, but won’t be a fool about it. i’m sure the power will go out so things are being charged now. get your blog posts ready and preschedule them. be safe, my friend! will check in on you somehow.

  4. Oh, Valerie! This photo is utterly breathtaking. [And NOT in the Seinfeld sense.] Truly beautiful.

    I totally uploaded and scheduled my blog postings for the remaining three pictures in the 30 Day Photo Challenge – because of the impending doom. I think for once the weather reports are correct and we are going to get slammed. Badly.

    • v says:

      seinfeld breathtaking. hahahah. thanks mel. yep, i’m all done with my photo for tomorrow. took it last night. i may do one more for the 31st, don’t want to leave it hanging.

  5. I think I am right there with you – depending on the wind. But the more weather reports I see, the more I think we will be OK. Please stay safe… I hope your power isn’t off too long. The longest for us was a week – BOY you should have seen my hair!

    This is a LOVELY photo!

    • v says:

      katherine, i hope we’re all okay. some folks just refused to evacuate their home because the last storm wasn’t nothing. rather be safe than sorry. we don’t have to evacuate, but let someone knock on the door telling us to leave. bags are already packed. life is not great, but i enjoy living.

      i’m wearing a hat. i know my hair is a rat’s nest and we have power right now.


  6. Mo says:

    Superb. The colours are immense. I had a few closeups that I didn’t use, but none were as beautiful. Good luck without the internets..

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