the morning after

this was taken a few mornings after hurricane sandy; windy but peaceful. i snapped a few photos the day after the hurricane, interviewed and talked to people on the street and in cars (yes i’ve lost my mind) like i was a darn reporter.  all i needed was a pencil and paper or is everything digital now.


6 thoughts on “the morning after

  1. Beautiful photo, Val! That sky is stunning!

    Isn’t it something how after only a few days concluding the hurricane last week, the sun came out and looked as though nothing had happened? It was the same here in Philly.

    ” interviewed and talked to people on the street and in cars (yes i’ve lost my mind) like i was a darn reporter. ”

    LOVED that idea! If I had been there with you I could have video taped it with my digital camera while you asked the questions.

    Valerie and Ron reporting live with NBC News!

    Have a great day, girl!


    P.S. loved your photos on Photobucket!

    • v says:

      yes, ron. even after the madness, the morning was so beautiful and calm that i can’t even give it words. i just looked around with an appreciative heart on how amazing being alive is (when i’m not in pain, on those days i wanna die. wait i’m spoiling the memory). i do *like* crisp, clear and cool fall mornings with a slight breeze, great for running. invigorating…geeze. okay. what was saying? hold on……

      oh yeah, okay and i don’t know what was wrong with me that morning just out and about talking to peeps, asking questions and taking pictures. one lady made sure i saw her house and she was coming from around the corner. um the tree is still on her house. she asked for a tree house when she was 4 and bam, she got it, toyota.

      i bet you ron is gone and i’m just talking to myself and i’m going to hit post comment for all the world to see. O->-<

    • v says:

      thanks meleah, the weather was excellent, it breathed life into my lungs and gave me an abundance of energy, yes it did or maybe i’m backed up because i haven’t been able to do any heart pounding exercise in weeks and i was at my popping point. too much goodness in one morning not to be unleashed, i could have stayed out there all day, but the wind was cracking its whip and i listened and went home.

      hello. darn, lost another one!

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