MoMA in the house

went to the city two days ago and MoMA was one of our stops. i don’t know how art is defined but a lot of the pieces left me perplexed. especially the blank framed canvases. really? i sent a tweet to MoMA requesting a phone call. surely they have room for some of my visual artwork on their enigmatic walls.

“don’t gimmie no lip about my artwork, i got enough of it.”  i imagined that’s what this piece would say.

this naked dude looked nervous, embarrassed and shady.  and he had every reason to be. next.

this is the only piece that spoke to me. we both wanted to know why. why and how did some of the pieces end up in MoMA. i hear ya, buddy.

this half a man tried to escape from the museum; we found him exhausted and outside in the grass. he had a 50/50 chance of escaping and we all know how that turned out. rest in pieces, man.

i was waiting for this man, not a MoMA statue, to stay still so i could take his photo. we danced until he got tired, then i shot him!

well i haven’t seen anyone use a payphone in years or more like forever. it does look like it was converted into a TTY, so it’s not a total waste of space. way to recycle, NY.


8 thoughts on “MoMA in the house

  1. v says:

    thanks, Meleah. hmmmmmm, that’s fine if no one wants to get dressed and go to a play and then dinner. we were to be looking cleaner than the board of health (a man said that to me on the street and i loved it so i stole it).

    not that we can’t go to the museum decked out, but it might not be comfortable. whatever you all want to do is fine with me. if we don’t get dressed this time, we’ll dress up another time.

    kicking it in the city is fine by me, i love walking around new york. that darn museum was not cheap either; i didn’t pay, but i still feel pain for other people’s money. every friday from 4-8 the museum is free.

  2. Val girl….everyone of these photos are faaaaaaaaabulous!

    Truly, you are an amazing photographer!

    And you had me laughing out loud as I read your words under each photo.

    “he had a 50/50 chance of escaping and we all know how that turned out. rest in pieces, man.”

    Bwhahahahahahahahaha! OMG…that was HILARIOUS!

    Funny you mentioned pay phones because we have a few here in Philly, still standing. But if you go to use them…they don’t work. It’s like they’re left there as a reminder of what was.

    Have a supa’ day, girl!


    • v says:

      hey ron, how are ya? you are too kind, i wouldn’t say amazing, but thank you. glad you enjoy looking at my photos AND AND that i can make you laugh. that’s really my greatest joy and if i can throw in a photo here and there, it’s all good.

      i’ll be doing some more phone booths, i mean er um, payphones later. i’m old.

      have a great weekend!

    • v says:

      hi dianne, it was actually my first time there. sad because i’m 20 minutes away from NY. going to put forth more of an effort to visit more places in the greatest city in the world.

      thanks. let me know when you get there or i’ll check your blog for photos.

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