two lips



a little – and much needed – shutter therapy today.

4 thoughts on “two lips

  1. Okay, first I have to say….I LOVE YOUR POST TITLE, Val!

    It’s FLAWLESS!

    Second, these photos are knock-me-down GORGEOUS! Love the closeup effect because it reveals all the fine details of the tulips – the texture and color fusion.

    *two thumbs enthusiastically up*

    Well done, girl. WELL done!


    • v says:

      Thanks, Ron. I have issues, ha!

      I took these this afternoon on the front porch. The white you see is a clear screen door, or frosted. The day was cloudy so I used it as a backdrop because it would give off the most light. Not sure if I increased the exposure value but I did use a slow shutter speed for more light gathering. The wind was blowing and the cars from the street added a little bit of vibration. For the other photos I shot away from the light which is why they’re darker. Well one reason.

      Txs for stopping by.

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