one more time


i’m not sure i want to say this out loud – fear of failure – but i’m going to attempt to do another 365. the only thing different about the 365 i’m doing this time is that 96% (why 96%? well because that’s my number) of the images will be taken using my camera phone. hopefully this should make completing a 365 feasible and less time-consuming.

i take photos every day anyway, so i might as well do something with them and upload those puppies; it’s also fun to look back on a year of my life at the time i’ve wasted to see how much i’ve grown. lord knows i can’t remember what happened yesterday. occasionally, i will use my main camera to photograph subjects and upload them.

initially, i planned to upload a photo a day to my blipfoto account, but decided to cross-post here as well. i expect most of the photos to be crap less than artistic but my goal is take a picture and upload it. that is all. (january 2 and i’ve already lowered the bar).

i have been at a loss for words for the past several months and writing has become a bit of a struggle and expressing myself through photographs seems to be therapeutic. i may or may not add a quick blurb with each photo and am not sure about my participation in the comment section, but will do so as time allows.

and because i’m insane, i also started three additional 365 projects using a new mobile app called collect photo. i like this app because it’s simple to use and allows for multiple albums, something my personalities will enjoy. i do wish it was a web-based app with unique urls that users could scroll through, but it’s a great app nonetheless.

i plan to store photos in albums i created called: the daily grind (something that happened during the day) something i ate today (because i like to look at photos of food) and what not to wear (a visual diary of my outfit for the day).

if you’re so inclined to join me in starting a 365, head on over to blipfoto and sign up. there’s an app for that and it’s web-based. booyah! if you want to go the mobile phone route only, then slide on over to the app store and download collect photo app. happy photographing.


2 thoughts on “one more time

  1. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay…I am TOTALLY looking forward to this, Val!

    You have no idea how much I enjoy your photography because your photos always inspire me!

    Can’t wait to stop by everyday this year to see what you have in store for us!

    You GO, girl!


  2. v says:

    hey there, ron. i’m scared, hold me. one day at a time, right?

    i doubt very seriously there would be anything inspiring here, but feel free to drop by whenever you want. 😉

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