day 3 – oh happy day


today went surprisingly well. i wasn’t expecting it to be a bad day, but i also wasn’t expecting it to be one of my better days. on top of not sleeping well for the past several days i went to bed late last night, but every once in a while an amazing day will fall into my lap and everything is right with the world.

today was that day.

i rolled out of bed on to my exercise bike and watched good deeds, a movie i started two days ago. within the first few minutes though, i was sucker-punched into crying over a scene – who wants to be emotional at 5 a.m. – but the following scene made up for it. so, um, thank you?

everything, except not being able to find an open car wash, fell into place for the rest of the morning right through the afternoon.

for lunch, i went to panera bread with a co-worker after raving about one of their sandwiches she had to try, but when we arrived i didn’t see the sandwich on the menu. i panicked a little and said to myself: i don’t see it on the menu, but i’m ordering it anyway. humpf.

and guess what?

today happened to be the last day the roasted turkey and cranberry panini, a seasonal sandwich for thanksgiving, was being served. i told the cashier every day is thanksgiving and i want my sandwich all year long. no dice, but i’m glad i was able to sink my chops into it one last time.


4 thoughts on “day 3 – oh happy day

  1. Funny you mentioned Panera because my brother had never eaten at one. So when I went to Florida back in July, I took him to one and he loved it! I ADORE Panera!

    Glad you had a great day, girl!

    “i was sucker-punched into crying over a scene”

    Last night I watched, “Eat, Pray, Love” and did the same thing over one of the scenes. Caught me totally off guard. But it was good cry.


  2. v says:

    i didn’t start eating at one until i got this sandwich for free once. it ain’t cheap. i would always get a pastry (bear claw) but never food.

    oh i can’t believe that movie did me that way. crying is exhausting and then i get a headache, etc. i try to stick with the funny, but even those make me weep. wait, maybe sum ting wong with me. hum?

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