day 5 – running around


it’s the weekend and often times that means running errands i didn’t make during the week.

today, i had to go to the dry cleaners. i didn’t feel like driving downtown because the people, traffic and street signs are crazy.

the cleaners was on the left side of the road, but every sign said no left turn. how i was supposed to get on the other side of the road seemed like a question for the chicken. i think he made it; i did not so easily.

the first time i went to this cleaners i turned left down a nearby street because i didn’t see the sign that said no left turn. today i saw the sign and kept driving. and driving. and driving. i was eventually able to make a u-turn and made it to the dry cleaners.

the other errands i had to run were a lot easier to get to. one being the library and the other the art store. i work in the area so i was able to navigate without complications.

side note: i love driving, sometimes it feels good and can be very relaxing, but lately it’s been making me anxious and all i want is a drink afterward. i was happy to get home and ditch the car for my running shoes.

within 5 minutes, i was out the door and headed toward the park. today was my first outside run since february of 2012. woohoo! i ran at a comfortable pace for the first loop, followed by a walk and then a fast sprint and a well-earned cool down. i was happy with the workout, but i have a lot of work to do.

4 thoughts on “day 5 – running around

  1. Great photo collage of your day, Val!

    Your day sounded a lot like mine in that I ran errands (sans the car).

    Glad you had an awesome run! Wasn’t the weather stunning today? Per-fect! Not too cold, but crispy cool.

    Tonight I’m going to pop open a new bottle of red wine and watch a movie 🙂


  2. v says:

    thanks, ron. i really enjoyed the run. i’m hurting in places i forgot about, but i wouldn’t have it any other way, just have to get used to running again.

    wine and a movie sound great. what did you watch?

    • v says:

      meleah, now i’m waiting on my next run. got my treadmill today – but can’t run just yet. i love running. it’s hard, but i love it.

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