day 9 – we’re in the navy

today was a much better day. i medicated early as a message to my body “don’t start nothing won’t be nothing” and it worked. whenever i felt like i was spiraling into something i didn’t want to be in, i told myself that i was fine and everything was okay. mind over matter today.

nothing eventful happened today (or any other day) other than the shoes i ordered on december 28 finally arrived via fedex smartpost. that’s code for pony express.

i lusted after these shoes for weeks – wasn’t thrilled with the price and the heel is 3 inches – before i got the nerve to purchase them. the site was offering 20% off at the time so i said what the hey, closed my eyes and clicked the place order button. i thought i would have them within a few days but it took forever to get them. maybe i didn’t place the order and dreamt that i did. i logged into my account to view my purchase history and it showed that a recent order was made in december of 2012. okay i’m not going crazy.

so what took them so long? fedex smartpost takes 2-8 business days and is finally delivered, not by fedex but by a postal carrier. they should remove the name fedex from that delivery option. when i see fedex, i think next day or two days tops, there was nothing fedex (fast) about my order. whatever! i didn’t pay for shipping, but at least i now know not to expect them for at least two weeks after ordering. to be fair, there was a holiday thrown in there, but i bet first class mail would have been faster.

the jury is out on which pair to keep, i bought two. the navy narrow pair seen here and a brown medium pair, both size 10. the navy fits my foot better as my feet are very narrow, but the brown pair feels more comfortable for wearing all day, but there’s a half inch gap around the heel and an open space around the arch. not sure what which pair is a better fit, but i’m leaning toward the navy.

2 thoughts on “day 9 – we’re in the navy

  1. ” i told myself that i was fine and everything was okay. mind over matter today.”

    Yahoo, Val….great to hear that! See…mind over matter works 🙂

    And truthfully, I’m really diggin’ those Calvin Klein shoes!!!!! I love anything designed by CK because his style is always, clean and tailored. You can always wear his stuff for year and years because it’s classic!

    Yeah, judging from what you shared here, I think the Navy too!

    And speaking of taking a long time to get something delivered, I’m going through the same thing. I ordered something from F.Y.E. over a week ago and it still hasn’t arrived. The the dang DVD is only being shipped from another store.

    Great photo, btw!


  2. v says:

    hey ron, it did work for that day, but didn’t work at all for friday’s problem. two different issues, i’m a mess.

    i don’t do anything CK really, not on purpose. i have some of his underwear, but i don’t care about the name brand stuff much. i want to the stuff to fit right, be well made and comfortable. the navy has an edge, but i wear way more brown than navy so i would have to send the brown pair back but i don’t think they have a narrow in brown. it’s so hard shopping for my feet.

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