day 14 – quiet storm

bernrad degnan

i earned my paycheck today, the entire $20, and i’m exhausted.  here’s a quick rundown of my day.

woke up in pain. made myself exercise. felt a little better after.

stopped at the grocery store before work.  spent 70$ on 5 bags of groceries.  vowed to switch to using cash instead of my debit card.

also bought three greeting cards, two of them cost over $4 and ouch. wondered if i’m the only one who looks on the back of a greeting card to see how much someone paid for it. i usually buy cheap cards (.99) because i assume people will toss them. i feel bad about buying cheap cards when the gift i was given wasn’t.

i had several early morning conversations that must have wiped me the freak out because i didn’t feel like talking for the rest of the day. in fact, i felt like being alone and went to the above park at lunch time.  it was chilly, especially when the sun was behind a cloud, but i sat on one of the benches and ate my lunch anyway.

then i walked a few laps around the park until i saw a killer man enter the park and it was just the two of us. at first i was guarded, then i remembered i did not want to be bothered and dared him to approach me. even did another lap on purpose and realized he was just a man, not a killer, and i’m stupid.

stayed at work past 5:00 to finish up some work and threw a bunch of people off.  more often than not, at 5:00, my chair is usually spinning and i’m not in it but in the parking lot.  i leave on time unless there is something that needs to be done or i’m asked to stay.

got home, had a lovely dinner and guess who’s ready for bed?


3 thoughts on “day 14 – quiet storm

  1. HA! I too went grocery shopping today and spent $35 for 2 bags, when only a few years ago I used to spend around $25. Hasn’t the cost of food risen insanely? And speaking of which….

    “i usually buy cheap cards (.99) ”

    Meeee too. I get them at CVS. OMG…the cost of greeting cards is INSANE. I’ve seen some for $6.99. Hell, it’s cheaper to just FLY there and wish them a Happy Birthday – HA!

    Sounds like your quiet lunch in the park was lovely. The photo is gorgeous, Val!

    Have a great night, girl!

  2. v says:

    it’s crazy, ron. the food prices are insane. i have to do something different with spending and use coupons. shop-rite has too much of my money.

    yes, it was good. went back to the park today, this time with a friend. it was chilly though, but i had on pants today. unlike yesterday when i wore a stupid suit.

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