day 15 – lower manhattan


today was much like yesterday, i would say exactly, but that would be lame.  i’m posting a photo from last month because nothing moved me today.  this was taken in NY on my way to a park i never found.

4 thoughts on “day 15 – lower manhattan

  1. Wooooooooooooooooooooow! What a faaaaaaaaaaabulous image, Val!!!

    And you should have heard my very audible WOW when I clicked on the this post and saw the image BIG.

    I love ALL your photos, girl, but your black and whites are BEYOND awesome. And I know how challenging B&W can be so they really impress me. Love the sky in this photo! And of course, you took this photo in my favorite city in all the world….NEW YORK! Don’t ya just adore that city?

    X ya!

    • v says:

      ron, i want to explore every inch of the city. i LOVE LOVE LOVE NY, can’t ever get enough of it.

      thanks. we do need to go there together one time (early) and walk around. for days because well see the first sentence.

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