day 16 – winter bling

winter bling

not too happy with today’s weather, but i like the look of the encased branches in ice after a freezing rain. everything looked like it was made of glass. i took this one on my way back into my office building after i took a nap in my car at lunch time.

4 thoughts on “day 16 – winter bling

  1. Wow, Val…this is like too cool! It almost looks like a decorative piece of crystal that has a design inside!

    Isn’t nature AMAZING?

    And yeah, today’s weather was not too happy, was it? I had plans to take a day trip out to Chestnut Hill, but cancelled until tomorrow because of the rain. I stayed inside practically all day and watched movies, ate, and worked on my blog.


  2. v says:

    thanks ron. i’m trying to make my photos look a little different and photograph things i normally wouldn’t. i do like the glass look though. thanks.

    nature is so amazing!

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