day 21- an app a day


i had the day off from work today, so don’t ask why i’m uploading my photo so late in the evening. i can’t say i was all that busy, lazy maybe.

i lounged around the house, unpacked (oops forgot to wash the clothes), read, got in a balanced workout and went to the grocery store.

one good thing came of my day. i’ve been dealing with a new health problem since august of last year and i think i finally figured out why. in part, i owe my revelation to an app i downloaded last week.

while i was reading information on my problem, my attention was focused on a particular word within the text and wondered if there was any correlation between another issue i’m dealing with. i did a quick search on the internet to see if other people reported similar findings and i got a lot of positive feedback.

tomorrow i plan to write a letter to my doctor along with my due diligence and see what he thinks about it. he’s textbook smart, but this is definitely one area he overlooked because it’s not in his textbook. ha!

i know this sounds all cryptic but i’ll update with more information once i’m positive of the diagnosis. it’s speculation, but i have a feeling i’m barking up the right tree for once.


4 thoughts on “day 21- an app a day

  1. Val, this photo is faaaaaaaaaabulous!

    And do you know why?

    Apples are my FAVORITE fruit!!! In fact, tonight while was shopping for food I picked up three Fuji’s which I will be eating with some natural peanut butter later this evening – yummmy!

    ” i have a feeling i’m barking up the right tree for once.”

    Good for you, girl! Follow your instincts and go with them. Be sure to keep us posted, okay?


    • v says:

      i did think of you as i was slicing into the apple, ron.

      i wrote my doctor and will see what he says. i feel like this is an episode of house trying to figure out what’s wrong with me. it was overheard that i went to africa in 1996, which set off a light bulb in house’s memory as the reason for my ailment. later a mosquito is extracted from my ear and i’m cured. yes, it will be just like that.

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