day 26 – me and my guitar

me and my guitar

been in the house all day and dare i say with nothing to do. woke up in pain, made breakfast, showed some love to my exercise machines (felt much better afterward) did several loads of laundry and organized my closet.

i saw a photo of a man with his guitar that i tried to duplicate with this shot, but it’s not even close.

4 thoughts on “day 26 – me and my guitar

  1. Oh, now I love this shot, Val! Love the sepia tone and how the center of the photo is highlighted, yet the outer portion is shadowed. The composition is awesome!

    I spent the afternoon outside walking around; taking photos and then did some grocery shopping. OMG…it was so cold that my jaw froze. I had to stop in Starbucks to grab a cup of coffee to thaw my jaw out – HA!


    • v says:

      Thanks, Ron. So much for my ban on self-portraits, but I wanted to try something I saw. Like I said, not even close but I like this ok.

      Sounds like you had a good afternoon. I knew I wasn’t going outside today, just too cold. Can’t wait to see the photos you took.

      I have never been in a starbucks, to my recollection.

      Enjoy the weekend, I’m still doing stuff around the house. I’m tired already. V Sent from my iPhone

    • v says:

      thanks, meleah.

      yes it’s not 100% as i want it but better. i’m not in the same spot, so i don’t have as many closets as i used to. things are a wee bit tight.

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