day 29 – a heely run

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felt much better today than i did yesterday, what a difference a day makes. i woke up this morning a few minutes before 5 and wasted almost a half hour trying to convince myself to get out of bed and exercise. i eventually got up around 5:25 and hopped on my treadmill.

i’m currently following a running program similar to couch to 5k. body willing, i can easily run 3 plus miles but now that i have a treadmill, and given the opportunity, i would run myself into the ground. following the run/walk training plan protects me from me and doesn’t put too much stress on my body. eventually, i will get back to where i was, but i need to take it slow for now. after i showered, i made breakfast and got dressed. i knew what i was going to wear the night before and that i did not have pantyhose to match (i’m anal about matching) and would have to buy a pair in the morning.

i spent a good 45 minutes driving around this morning to three different stores in search of gray pantyhose. i found nothing but frustration and aggravation from the lack of choices and bad drivers. i was behind one woman who went over several speed bumps at 1 mph. i wanted to yell: it’s a small speed bump lady, not mount everest, get over it. literally get over it.

i went to rite-aid (i hate rite-aid by the way, i’m a walgreens woman) because it was open and i was desperate. they didn’t have anything as i expected. i then went to k-mart and purchased an ultra sheer, off-black pair of pantyhose. remember i wanted gray but they didn’t have gray but had to try one more store, cvs. they didn’t have anything either, in fact, their selection is crap, but it’s not a department store so i understand.

when i got to work i put on the off-black pair and surprisingly they weren’t bad. two people asked if i was wearing pantyhose (i always wear hosiery, even in the summer, if i wear a dress or skirt) because they match my skin color so well.

so i’m all happy with my hosiery, they felt nice, have the right amount of snug and the color is okay. then at lunch time i decided to go for another workout and when it was time to get dressed i noticed there was a run in my pantyhose! womph, womph, womph. i didn’t have time to go buy another pair, so i called it a design, at least until tomorrow.

and that’s not all. the heel on one of my never worn shoes was slightly coming off. i contacted zappos, told them what happened and what i would like to happen and was open to suggestions. of course, they can exchange them, but i bought the last pair. i do not want to return them for a credit because gray is not an easy color to find, the shoes were on sale and they fit. long story short they said to take my shoe to a cobbler, fax them the receipt and they would reimburse me. booyah!

makes me wonder if k-mart is willing to do the same for my pantyhose. too bad i threw out the packaging, i will ask them tomorrow anyway.

4 thoughts on “day 29 – a heely run

  1. Okay first, I have to say that I love your whole ensemble, Val – the dress, the shoes and the hose. You have very good taste in style, girl!

    And I just about died laughing over this….

    ” it’s a small speed bump lady, not mount everest, get over it. literally get over it.”

    Bwhahahahahahahahaha! CRACKED ME UP!

    And yeah, I’m not a big Rite-Aid fan myself. I prefer CVS, but recently discovered Walgreens and I like it even better than CVS!

    Glad to hear they’re going to reimburse you for the broken heel. Booyah!


    • v says:

      Hey there, Ron. Thanks. I still plan to seek out a gray pair of hosiery but the off-black wasn’t half bad.

      I need to be more patient when it comes to other drivers because I want it back but that lady just got under my skin.

      Yep, I love zappos.

      V Sent from my iPhone

  2. “i was behind one woman who went over several speed bumps at 1 mph. i wanted to yell: it’s a small speed bump lady, not mount everest, get over it. literally get over it.”


    Also, finding grey pantyhose = NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE.

    Hooray for Zappos paying to fix the broken heel on your new shoes.

    And that whole outfit you’re wearing is totes amazeballs.

    • v says:

      i have to laugh now too, but seriously i was freaking out. i have to stop that, really.

      i know the gray is hard, but i will find a pair eventually. navy is also another difficult one to find. something tells me jcpenney and broke.

      yay to zappos. i now have to find a place to take them. i’ll do a search on the internet. there may be something in the village not far from me.

      thanks. 😉

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