day 30 – untitled

things are not looking up this evening. v is not feeling well but hopes to be better tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “day 30 – untitled

  1. Well, I wish you could have heard me when I saw this photo of the Empire State Building, Val!

    Took my breath away!

    HOLY COW…it’s STUNNING!!!!! Love the angle you shot it at!

    *three very loud cheers*

    So sorry to hear that you’re not feeling well, girl.

    Yup…I have a feeling that tomorrow, though, you’re gonna feel much better 🙂


    P.S. love the new template!

    • v says:

      what’s up, ron ron! can i call you ron ron?

      just between us, i have something to tell you. that’s not the ESB. sho’nuff. i had to run down to newark penn station last night and just tilted my camera phone up at different buildings. this one does look like the ESB though. that is on my to do list, hopefully soon.

      i came home, medicated and remember waking up this morning. barely remember uploading this photo. feeling a little better than yesterday, but i may need a few more hours. went to the dentist today – that doesn’t help either, but let me not complain.

      i’m not married to the template, but thanks. i like it but i really want the template to be wider – will have to look into that.

      • OMG….you’re kidding me, it’s not the Empire State Building????

        Well shucks….coulda fooled me!?!?!

        Still…it’s an AWESOME shot!!!!

        Glad to hear you’re feeling better, girl!

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