day 37 – size matters


went to work today. yay, that’s progress i suppose. i had a few packages waiting at my desk today, this being one of them. it’s a little charm that says: love to run.

i found it on the internet at an etsy shop and thought it was cute. i was surprised how tiny it is (smaller than a penny) and when i opened the packaging i thought i got duped.

i’ve never had a problem ordering via the internet, but decided to look around in the little pouch it came in and finally felt something. whew.

size does matter, but in this case i’ll make an exception. it’s cute and i love what it says.

4 thoughts on “day 37 – size matters

  1. Valerie…..what a STELLAR post title!!! As soon as I saw it on my reader, I had to run over to see what you were talking about because I thought, well….you know what I thought 🙂

    “size does matter, but in this case i’ll make an exception.”


    But I have to say….that it’s so cute!

    And great photo! How did you do that because it looks like you snapped the photo as it was swinging back and forth?

    Well done, girl!


    • v says:

      Thanks, Ron. I know what you thought and we will both go stand in the corner. 🙂 I like the charm and today my little sneaker arrived. They look cute together. Yes it was hanging from a door frame and I was standing in a folding chair to get this pic.

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