day 40 – nemo

we had a lot of snow, but wasn’t snowed in for long. i went out to clean off my car, played in the snow, went for a walk and then did some stuff around the house. some pics from my day.

everybody can’t be a snowman. we made a snow monster.

snow angel.

i put some of my gear on ebay. i hate ebay, but i’m not using the stuff much.

played monopoly. lost all my money and my properties. felt like real life to me.

i didn’t do crap.

3 thoughts on “day 40 – nemo

  1. Val, I LOVED this post!!!!!!

    “everybody can’t be a snowman. we made a snow monster.”


    And I LOVE the one of you making a snow angel! I know you’re not crazy about winter and snow, but you look like your had so much fun. I’m kinda bummed because we’ve hardly gotten any snow here, so I haven’t been able to make ONE snow angel this year 😦

    I have a friend who sells a lot of stuff on Ebay and has made quite a bit of money doing it $

    Love the photo of your cat! Aren’t cats the BOMB??? I had a cat who used to love sleeping under the covers with me at night during the colder winter months. His purring would always make me fall asleep Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  2. v says:

    hey ron, doesn’t he look like a little monster. we were supposed to go out back and finish building him up today, but never made it. the snow is not going anywhere, maybe we’ll get another chance.

    that’s actually my kid in the snow, but thanks for calling me skinny. hahahaha.

    well i took one item off ebay. i don’t make money there, but tend to lose money with the darn fees from paypal and ebay. i’m going to try to sell some things locally or on photo forums. i hate losing money. slowly switching to prime lenses with one or two zooms so i have to sell some stuff or need to anyway.

    my cat is sooo funny. she looks like she’s drunk and sleeps like she works two job. that’s all she does all day. gets up under the cover and me. follows me around like a dog sometimes.

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