day 49 – hello kitty


kitty is here to say hello for me since i didn’t post any words with my photos last week. hello. yes, i was at a loss for words hopefully this week will be better.  if you’re interested in how off i was last week, here’s what happened on friday.

i went to visit a friend/coworker who had a stroke last year (we do lunch once a month) and she asked if i could pick up food from chipolte. no problem,  friday morning i ordered and paid for the food online.  all i had to do was pick it up and drive to her house. simple, yes?

so i pulled into the parking lot, got out of my car and i don’t know if the sun was in my eyes or not, but i saw two doors and went through the door on the left. i stood in line for a good two or three minutes and i noticed that chipolte didn’t have their name on anything in the restaurant and burgers were on the menu not mexican food.

i thought it was weird and then it finally hit me. i should have picked the door on the right because chipolte was next door.  i was at smash burgers!  two restaurants should not be built next door to each other and the sun shining on the same day. i just kept thinking what an idiot i am and i can’t believe i’m allowed to go out by myself.

yeah, there will be more days of photos and no words.

8 thoughts on “day 49 – hello kitty

  1. Val, first I say how utterly cute that Hello Kitty is, because you know me, I am normally not a Hello Fan at all. But OMG….she’s so tiny and cute! I also love the colors in shot – especially how you shot it against a blue background which makes Kitty POP!

    “i thought it was weird and then it finally hit me. i should have picked the door on the right because chipolte was next door. i was at smash burgers!”

    Bwhahahahahahahahahaha! Dying laughing at that, and I’ll tell ya why. About three weeks ago, I took the train out to Chestnut Hill and had lunch at their indoor farmers market. Well, after lunch I had to go to the bathroom. So I walked in and went into a stall and did my business.

    And when I walked out of the stall, I saw an elderly woman standing at the sink and when she saw me, her eyes got big and she said, “OH MY!”

    I looked at her and then stopped dead in my tracks, and said….”OH MY GOD…did I just pee in the LADIES room????”

    And she said, “Yes!”

    Well, the two of us LAUGHED our butts off!

    But, I was so embarrassed 😦


    • v says:

      ron i know how much you “love” hello kitty. i seriously thought about bagging her up and mailing her to you.

      hahahahhahahaha. how come you didn’t share that story on your blog, that’s too funny. in the women’s bathroom. weird here, but not in europe. i used the bathroom with both sexes. everybody was like “what”…we have to pee. do your BI (business) and step.

      i was totally embarrassed as well. i felt so stupid. i mean come on. i can’t even pick the correct door to enter. sometimes, i don’t think and that scares me.

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