day 51 – remembrance and rebirth

remembrance and rebirth

i’m not bonding with this theme, i feel a change coming.

anyhoo, my day was okay.  i got my workout in this morning. i only planned to run for 30 minutes, but i pushed for an extra 10 minutes and it wore me out.  my shins are not happy either. i came back upstairs and got in the bed.

eventually i made it to work and worked all day with only a lunch break. i didn’t have time to pop into anyone’s office and act a fool. people came to check on me to make sure i was all right. sweet.

i had a lunch date but she dumped me for work. blah, blah, blah, she had to wait for a wire and was the only person around. blah, blah, blah. so i had lunch by myself, which was cool because i didn’t think i would be good company today anyway but was prepared to fake it.

i ran an errand and then parked at one of my favorite spots and ate my lunch.  it was extremely windy and cold, but i jumped out the car for about five minutes to take a few  photos of this statue.


4 thoughts on “day 51 – remembrance and rebirth

  1. “…. people came to check on me to make sure i was all right. sweet.”

    Aw, that’s awesome, Val! I bet they LOVE you at work!

    “… it was extremely windy and cold.”

    Holy cow, it was the same here in Philly. I was walking down the street and thought the wind was going to pick me up like the Flying Nun and carrying me away – HA!

    Stunning photo of the statue, girl. And is that the title of the statue, Remembrance and Rebirth? I love it!

    And I think it’s a great sign that you feel a change coming on. Change is good. I too feel a change coming on in my life. I’ve been feeling it since the New Year.

    Have a super evening and stay warm and cozy.


    • v says:

      you know, ron. they DO love me at work. i suppose, i could like them a little wittle bit. 😉 i love my peeps, but i haven’t made my rounds and when i come out of this funk they’ll get me for sure.

      yes, windy indeed. i saw a tree full of plastic bags! even they were hanging on for dear life.

      yes, that is the name of the statue. i had to go back and look yesterday for the name.

      yes, i need a new template because i want my photos a lot wider/bigger. it’s hard finding the right mix. found something then the widget placement sucks or the print is too small. geeze.

      have a good evening. yeah my eyes are looking at the bed half open and a slight grin on my face right about now. sleep is wonderful.

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