day 53 – weekend reading

weekend reading

i had a productive day at work though i’m still on mute mode.  took a nap in my car at lunch time. curled up in the driver’s seat with the car running and the heat on; woke up with “bed hair.”  finally perked up around 3:00 when i had my first cup of caffeine.

this is how i plan to spend most of my weekend. i hate that i have not been reading as much as i used to, but i will get through at least one book, most likely collateral damage since it’s a 14-day loan book from the library.

looking forward to some R & R.

4 thoughts on “day 53 – weekend reading

  1. “finally perked up around 3:00 when i had my first cup of caffeine.”

    Made me smile because I usually have two cups of coffee a day. One in the morning. And then a second one about 3:00 to give me a little boost to get through the afternoon.

    As you know, I adore Mary Higgins Clark. “A Cry In The Night” is probably my favorite.

    Enjoy your weekend, Val. And it’s the perfect weekend weather to stay inside, read books, and catch up on some R&R 🙂


  2. v says:

    hey ron, i stopped drinking as much caffeine at my doc’s request, but will usually have one cup in the morning at home before switching to decaf. the regular coffee at my job is nasty, but it certainly did help.

    i’ll let you know, if i can remember, if i enjoyed the book.

    back to bed now. already done with my next photo so i can really rest. whew, some days….

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