day 55 – lia sophia

lia sophia-2

my favorite bracelet, also comes with a matching necklace.

lia sophia

neck exercises are necessary for wearing; this baby is heavy, but i love the colors.

lia sophia

very light weight and can be worn with gray or blue.


homemade light box used to photograph the above items.  instead of using lights on both sides of the box, i used window lighting.  looks like i will need more practice to achieve the correct lighting.  the lighting in the 3rd photo is close to what each photograph should look like.

5 thoughts on “day 55 – lia sophia

  1. Val, these pieces of jewelry are knocked-down GORGEOUS!

    As I’ve shared with you before, you’ve got great taste! I love charm bracelets. And that second piece is stunning. You’re right the colors are beautiful!

    And the way you photographed them look as though they’re professional photographs from a magazine.

    Thanks for sharing how you photographed them using the light box. That is too cool!

    Have a super Sunday, girl!


    • v says:

      Thanks, Ron. I love my accessories. A little bit here and there to liven up an outfit and sometimes my face. Ha!

      I need more practice with that box. Will keep trying and if necessary i will have to bring my lights out and do it properly. I prefer natural lighting and hate flash. Hey maybe I’ll incorporate using my lights and umbrellas into this project. Since I don’t like them do much. Maybe because I’m not doing it right. That’s what I tell peeps: you don’t like it then you’re not doing it right. Finger snap!

      Later gator.

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