day 58 – lame


sadly this is it for today.  i liked the look of the sky that brewed on my way home from work.


4 thoughts on “day 58 – lame

  1. No, not lame…..faaaaaaaaabulous, Val!

    Honestly. I love the whole “look” of this shot. The sky, and also how the traffic light just enters from the right side of the photo. Also, that POP of red adds the color to the image!

    Reeeeeeeally cool, girl!


    P.S. We had the same weather here today. Cloudy, ominous- looking skies.

  2. v says:

    well thanks for saying so ron, but i’m not in love with this image. i suppose had i taken it correctly and got the composition right, the image could work in a grouping. oh well, i won’t like every photo. next!

    thanks for visiting.

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