day 59 – morning glow

verona park

instead of sitting in my car this morning, i thought it’d be a good idea if i went out and found a photo for today’s assignment.  i stopped at one of my regular spots to see what i could squeeze out of the area.  this looks like a typical V photo, but a longer exposure than i normally would take.  the sun was to my right peeking out from behind the clouds every so often giving more light to the scene.

my day had its ups and downs pain wise, but i felt okay at noon time to get in a several minutes with the weights. probably the highlight of my day.  after spending so many days feeling blah and weak, the resistance of the weights was a nice feeling.  i should sleep well tonight.

on another note, i think i found a theme i can work with. i want the photos to be displayed a little larger, so be on the lookout for a different look.  it’s a boring theme, not much color, but size matters.  remember?

4 thoughts on “day 59 – morning glow

  1. “the sun was to my right peeking out from behind the clouds every so often giving more light to the scene.”

    Stunning, Val! And do you know what I love about this photo (besides the beautiful warm and earthly colors)? This photo has movement. When I look at it, it feels as though I’m moving THROUGH the image.

    Really cool!

    Looking forward to what you come up with with your new theme.

    “…. but size matters. remember?”


    Enjoy your evening!


    • v says:

      hey ron. the colors that morning were very close to what you see here. it rained the night before so the ground was soaked and along with the sun it added a nice bit of color.


    • v says:

      i like it okay, meleah. it is a little more personal. some things i would like to change is the size of the font, but this is it. i do like the width of the template, it allows for displaying a larger image on the home page. some photos look better larger. thanks, girlfriend!

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