day 62 – gerbera daisy

gerbera daisy

the sun is shining and i’m enjoying the weather even if it is a little cold. happy sunday!


5 thoughts on “day 62 – gerbera daisy

  1. Yes, wasn’t today’s weather flawlessly beautiful? Sunny and just a little cold bite in the air. I took a long walk and it felt wonderful.

    Beeeeeeeeeeeeautiful shot, Val! The colors you captured are so vivid and clear. And I love the bright sunlight on them!

    This photo feels so HAPPY!

    The composition in your photos is always so cool!

    Glad you had a super Sunday, girl!

    Enjoy your evening!


    • v says:

      for winter, ron it was a nice day. very windy today (monday) and snow is’a coming. i had a hard time with the composition. O->-

      • Yes, I heard we’re getting a bunch of snow starting tomorrow, but mainly on Wednesday. Which is the PITS because I have to go into NYC on Wednesday for work and I’m just hoping they don’t cancel it because of heavy snow 😦

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