day 66 – cookies and milk


today was not a good day, never made it to work and spent most of the day in bed. macadamia cookies and milk (almond) always make me feel better,  temporarily.


2 thoughts on “day 66 – cookies and milk

  1. Okay, Val, do you know what’s amazing? I can actually smell and taste these cookies just from your photograph!

    And I can also see how moist they were, just from their texture in the image.

    My two favorite nuts are cashews and macadamia because their is a sweetness and moistness to them that I love.

    Sorry you had not a good day, girl. But I’m glad to hear that these cookies and milk helped a little.

    (((((((((((((((( You ))))))))))))))))))))


    • v says:

      ron, i believe you. i sometimes believe i can smell over the phone. they were yummy. i was afraid i was going to eat them all before i could photograph them. yeah it’s that bad.

      my day sucked. better today, but i’m tired of this already. thanks. 😉

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